Some Links for your delight.

  • Bruce Chatwin
    The man that probably incarnated the restless traveler by default used to say "solvitur ambulando" (it is solved by walking) and " As a general rule of biology, migratory species are less ‘aggressive’ than sedentary ones. There is one obvious reason why this should be so. The migration itself, like the pilgrimage, is the hard journey: a ‘leveller’ on which the ‘fit’ survive and the stragglers fall by the wayside. The journey thus pre-empts the need for hierarchies and shows no dominance. The ‘dictators’ of the animal kingdom are those who live in an ambience of plenty. The anarchists, as always, are the ‘gentlemen of the road’".

  • Google Earth
    The revolution started in summer 2005. Download the free Google Earth browser and visit the planet in 3d, with satellite picture quality...It appears that they're working on Google Moon and Google Mars...

  • Hospitality Club
    An idea of a German traveler, became a huge database for travelers and good will persons. You can find free accomodation or at least a local that helps you, all over the world. It's based on feedback and it's an enormous success. Check my proflie.

  • Lonely Planet Travel Guides
    Arguably the best travel guides. They are definitely my favorite ones. In all my roamings I always carried the guide about the country, the region or the city. Nowadays they produce also maps, photobooks, phrasebooks and whatnot about traveling. Their website itself is a source of information for independent travelers.

  • Trans-Siberian Railway
    The wikipedia page about the Trans-Siberian railway. Tons of links and information about the longest railway in the world. Plus another comprehensive website I studied on.

  • Stanford's
    This is the kind of shop I love. It is entirely dedicated to traveling or exploration. Although it's mainly a travel books and maps shop you can find anything from sink plugs to travel narrative.

  • Itchy feet
    Another "candy" shop for travelers. This one is very technical, and if you don't find something, they'll order it for you. I was looking for a silk pijama and I had to wait one week in all. Friendly downunda staff.

  • International Youth Hostel Federation
    Thousands of hostels in almost every country of the world. Affordable and clean affiliated hostels, that usually respect a certain standard. Youth oriented, don't be fooled by the name though. In St. Moritz, Switzerland, I risked to have to go somewhere else, as the hostel was packed with retired people on their ski holiday!"