Welcome to my Digital Showcase Portfolio.

Who am I?

Hello internaut.

This Digital Showcase Portfolio is about a common guy with artistic and radical physical skills, tecnophile @ a proper level.

Who am I?

A living being, a human animal generated on a very isolated planet. A tiny, bumpy, shaky, crazy, spinning orange shaped lump made of earth, wind, fire and water, not even perfectly spheric. It is albeit the most beautiful thing I know, in the cold terrible infinite enthropy of the Universe. It is Home. We call it “The World”, or “Planet Earth” or “Gaia”.

June 22nd of the year 1972 in Rieti, center of Italy, is where my history begins. It continued in L'Aquila, Roma, S.Elpidio (Rieti), Courmayeur. Since may 2003 it keeps going on in Chamonix Mont Blanc, Haute Savoie, France. Yes, that's right, I moved to France. Just 10 km across the border with Aosta Valley, Italy, makes me an emigrant. This is not a point of arrival, a goal, but rather a springboard toward new life experiences, new uncharted paths of my life. Chamonix is my natural habitat.

Over here, chaos is nature. The Snowboard, the Skateboard, my Art; positively influenced mind and body expressions, no room for urban ghetto whinings... I am my creations and my moves.

I’ve already been roaming around this planet, I’ve had my fair share of experiences abroad and overseas. I shook hands with American, Australian and New Zealand Aboriginals, feeling enormously sorry for all the evil they got from us “the Europeans”. I’ve been climbing mountains, sailing the oceans, hiking the deserts, driving in wide open spaces, absorbing every time drop like a sponge.

I’m looking for places infested by people with the sparkle in their eyes, for childish wild souls into decaying hulks. I’m looking for places that makes words insufficient to attempt a description of sorts. I’m looking for exceptions, unusual places and sweet human beings from the back of beyond, destroying prejudices and unpacking tourist packages forever.

I’m a human animal, lucky enough to be able to go for this little trip from Turin, Italy, through Siberia to Beijing China, passing by Ulaan Baatar Mongolia, in the year of my 34th tour around the thing we classify as a “star” and name “the sun”. And while I think about it, I’ve got goose bumps. And my heart gets warm. Wherever I roam. In the blue planet.

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    Inglese B, Prof. Catia Santini.
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    Student Andrea Fabellini, mat. 282876 Multid@ms Torino.