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This page is dedicated to what is new. Check it out frequently because life is taxin'...


You few people still visiting this oldstyle website might be asking yourselves: "Where is he?"

Well, nuff things are on for me at the moment...

I'm home at my parents, for christmas, as every year. I've got a new Apple G4 Powerbook, and that's why i'm able to update this website. I got it two months ago, but i could only do this now, because...

Since October 13th 2004, I'm part of the Italian Contingent of the UNMIK. What's this? It's the mission in Kosovo (Serbia Montenegro), run by the United Nations, and I'm there on a mission for the Italian Government.

My personal exposition went on anyway, and it was well responded to. The visitors where many, and they liked my art. In the first half of 2005 I will be surely doing another bigger exposition in Torino (Turin).

I've been very active and prooductive during September and October. You can see the results by going to canvasses or walls or unusual surfaces.

Last but not least there's an interview online. Go to Sorry it's only in Italian.


I took part on on four major events in the italian Hip Hop scene.

The first is the zulu day in Latina the 19th of june(where I was invited to paint by one of the judges, my brother Dirtyotkeh).

The second is Urban Flava in Collegno (Torino), the 10th of july.

The third is The Italian Hip Hop Awards in Bagnoli (Napoli) the 17th of july.

The forth is Circumwriting 2004 in Barra (Napoli) the 18th of july.

I've painted with old friends and made new ones. I've met Kerupt and Dmote (SUK!) from OZ.

I had a helluva time all in all. A fantastic july 04 has just past.

Check all the pictures in walls or canvasses.



I've updated the site with some new pictures. Go to canvasses.


In these days i'm at my parents home, enjoying my relatives and my mum's food. She's a natural born chef and not only. I've been visiting friends and relatives in Roma, Napoli Rieti and L'aquila. There's a canvasses show in Roma, at the "Voci dal basso" Pub in via dei Volsci 5, S.Lorenzo. Go take a look.

I'm painting and creating and updating the website. Stay tuned.


From tomorrow on, i won't have a personal computer for and indefinite time. Therefore i'll connect and maybe update my site from whatever pc i can put my fingers on. Stay tuned anyway, if there's anybody at all reading this.

The 26th of this month, I'm going to Sarzana (SP), Italy, to watch a live concert of the KING OF THE SURF GUITAR HIMSELF, DICK DALE!!!

To those guys who stole my "tango" panel, the fact has been reported to the Police and I personally hope that you will live a long and painful life, rotting slowly due to a chronic illness...


New canvases and panels painted in Courmayeur. It ain't all though...

Take a look at Sonan2k1 ...and you'll discover that i'll take part in some events during 2004:

-from 21 February to 27 March, 6 of my creations exposed at CIRCOLO IL MONDO
Via G. da Verazzano 3 (10129)
in Torino.

- 23 ,24 e 25 April I'll take part in "Fuoritema - seconda edizione" at the Lingotto di Torino venue.

- in May or June I'll show a number of my creations at the "Voci Dal Basso" venue, via dei Volsci 5, Roma.

- from October15 to November 25 2004, first personal exposition, in taking part of the yearly "Mostra D.O.C.: Degustazione Opere Contemporanee", at "Vinosteria Solativo", Ivrea (To).

This year I'm gonna be almost sure if what I've been doing has an impact on people. Stay tuned to know what it will be like.

In Chamonix all is fuckin phoenn. I'm meeting lots of interesting people anyway. I'm riding my snowboard mainly in Courmayeur (which has now a real SNOWPARK thanks to the enormous NUVOLA and his crew) and the surrounding offpiste runs. Now fuckin southern wind ans yellow sno...And I'm producing tons of words, pix and sketches...


Yeah, I know. It sucks. You few people who still visit my pages on this internet thing are a little upset. My last update was in july. The fact is that I still don't have a personal computer at home. This will happens soon hopefully. By the way, any donation is most welcome...just kidding...

As ya'll know, this doesn't mean that I don't act or create. In fact it's just the opposite! I've been producing a LOT of new stuff. Go to walls or canvasses to have an idea of what's new. Check also some new snowboard picture.

I'm also writing on the italian hip hop portal number one. Sorry guys it'll be in italian.

I went to London, Munchen, Istanbul, Paris, during my yearly roaming. Pretty much the same cities i visit every year at least once.

A new year. What is it if not only just another complete lap around our star. Make it bigger and better. Whatever you're about to do.

C u soon.


In this period i'm updating this website...and...I moved to Chamonix Mont Blanc in Alta Savoia, France !!!!...

go to walls   or canvases as i'm always active you know.


Snow Blanc shop and some canvasses painted in Courmayeur. Go to walls   or canvasses


Back from the round the world I'm producing a lot in these days...walls, canvasses, photo, wordz...


Sport shop ardi sport painted in aosta. Photo


I'm back in courmayeur.


I'm back in Italia!


My wordz page is added. My wordprocessor deliriums. Sorry, not much in english...

go to wordz



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