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For informations about my Graphics send a mail to grafica at haero punto com

These are some windows icons created with Microangelo 98 ver 4.77

to download them with netscape click on 'em and choose "save", with explorer click on 'em, then right click on the icon and choose "save image as".

This page is dedicated to graphic design, mostly computer graphic. For my creations i use an assembled ibm pc, with 400mhz pentium II processor, 256 mb of ram, 32 mb video card. Ralph

As the results are quite good and bacause of the cheapness of the paraphernalia, i suggest you to reconsider the unfair "a@@le" graphic monopoly.

chamonixmtb.jpg (29211 byte) chamonixwharehouse.jpg (35274 byte)
Hfearo4.jpg (19566 byte) bimbosteak.jpg (17947 byte)
  courmayeanusual.jpg (30340 byte) cansonthewall.jpg (24580 byte)
9100.jpg 9100.jpg
krylonhaero.jpg snowboard on the moon


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